“Rioting is Bad”. Dicuss…

The store owner who was robbed by Michael Brown had his store looted.

This man did nothing wrong. He is the only person who can be said, undeniably, to have been a victim in the whole affair. His only offence was to own a shop that Michael Brown decided to rob.

I personally have no idea whether what happened the night Michael Brown was shot. It is undeniable that there are serious problems with police rules of engagement. I damn well hope Ferguson does a full investigation into how this can happen.

I expect anger. Those who are cheated should be taking to the streets, shouting, demanding things must change, but as soon as you commit violence, you are a criminal and deserve to go to prison. This is surely a sentiment that everyone shares, right? No. We get sentiments like this

I’d have ignored it were it not for the sheer number of retweets! Even from people I usually consider sane!

Is it worth rioting over? Is it worth looting the store of a man who was robbed in retribution? Did this store owner deserve it? Is he part of the establishment that shot this young man? This is not about justice for Michael Brown or preventing this from happening later.

These aren’t Michael Brown’s supporters. These are thugs who like violence and like looting.

So if you want to take the position of “rioting is good” then go ahead. Make your argument.


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