Permitted opinions are X, Y and Z

Controversial UKIP event on the University of East Anglia campus postponed amid “review”

Only a week after Oxford university’s quite cowardly decision to cancel a debate because of student pressure, University of East Anglia students have decided that political debate is not permitted.

You can see the petition here. The level of doublethink is vile.

To call this an assault on freedom of speech is an error.

This is exactly what it is!

This is about asking the question: who decides? Who can take part in politics? Do students feel responsible for their campus? What does safety mean to people on campus? What is the boundary?

Looks like you’ve answered that question. You do! We’ve learned that immigration is not a valid topic. I trust then, that you think that the situation we have right now is perfect. Our immigration system is beyond criticism, and it should never change. Is that the way you feel?

You do not promote debate by censoring and silencing people. Universities are meant to be a bastion of freedom of speech not freedom of speech that you find tolerable.


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