I’m not misandrist, but…

Something that seems to be doing the rounds on facebook is: misandry isn’t real, dudez
What a tosser! This prick is insisting that all gendered insults are mocking women. So why have I managed to insult them twice already using words that are seen as inappropriate to apply to a woman?
I can think of several ways I’ve been mocked because of my gender. Hell, we tell boys they’re made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails at primary school. There’s a perception that we’re idiots who care about nothing but football and beer. And you know what? I can deal with that. But I don’t care if you call me a girl either. It’s pretty harmless. I can even tolerate the pathetic “Dudebro” term that gets thrown around so often.
Here are some insults I’ve heard applied to men in the last couple of weeks that I do find offensive:
  • Mansplainer.
  • Sexist Pigdog.
  • Schrodinger’s rapist.
The first is dismissing me as having nothing to say because of my gender. The second is abuse masquerading as offence. The third is telling me that I’m something that is indescribably hateful to decent society. All of them are targeted only at men. Usually they come from a fairly nasty type of extreme feminist, who wants to deny they’re man haters. This is hateful language.
Misandry is real. And it hurts.

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