Sad/Rabid Puppies meets Godwin

So, the Sad Puppies, and related Rabid puppies saga lingers on. The most recent kerfuffle has been Irene Gallo, of Tor accusing Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies of being “extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups”.

While it was rather poor form for a publisher to insult writers, (some published by Tor), and while she really should have made it clear that on her public facebook page that she regularly uses to promote Tor (and not her personal one as people have suggested), in a response to a post promoting Tor, she doesn’t speak as a representative of Tor, that was just poor form.

The problem is, you can’t start calling people “Neo-Nazis”. Eric Flint addresses this here. Call them a bunch of rabid lunatics, or right wing fanatics, or brain dead troglodites if you will. Neo-Nazi starts to suggest an actual accusation. Many will see it as a figure of speech, but the fact that Flint felt the need to defend this shows that some people will take it seriously. That becomes, what’s known in the trade as “Libel”. And while Tor would most likely win a lawsuit, they don’t want to be put in that position.

That is really the only thing she did wrong. Irene has since apologised over all she needs to apologise over. I was pleased to see that John C Wright accepted the apology, but some were nowhere near as gracious.

Yet Irene has nothing else she needs to apologise for. The “Neo-Nazi” comment was clearly not intended literally. If people take it literally then all she need apologise for is undue offence. She apologised for appearing to represent Tor, as is correct and proper.

This is exactly the sort of behaviour they criticise the extreme left for. She’s apologised for all she need apologise for. It’s time to move on. It’s time to stop the outragism.


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