“Tone Policing” and why this blog is called what it is

A tip for feminists:

“If you want to be taken seriously, don’t use SJW buzzwords” – Officer B-Flat; Gotham Tone Police.

“Tone argument” was the term that caused me to start this blog.

I realised at that point that not only was I not going to persuade them that rad-feminism has a bullying issue, but that this community goes against everything I believe in.

So why is it bad to call out a tone argument?

Well, that’s really not my point. “Tone Argument” is a moronic buzzword that can literally only be used to derail an argument.

So why is “Tone argument” a moronic buzzword?

See the link above. Where does it link to? Wikipedia? No. “Rational” Wiki. If you have to assert that you’re rational then you aren’t. Your argument is equivalent to “I’m no racist but…”. Where else do I find it? Jezebel, SJWiki (I have no idea if that is even a serious site), QueerDictionary… There is a link to reddit.com where it’s dismissed and dismantled. So it’s only a term even understood by extremists on both sides of the argument. One that is only even accepted as a valid concept by one.

“But my points are more important than how I present them!”

No they’re not. We’re human.

I guess if you have no desire to persuade then it doesn’t matter. Why do you have no desire to persuade? Why is this not important to you? Why are you even talking to me? Are you simply lecturing to me and expecting me to accept the inherent rightness of your argument?

“It’s just being used to derail the argument”

And if you call someone out on it then it will derail the argument. Is it really so hard to present your argument in a dispassionate way?

“But you’re tone policing!”

If you say so. So what if I am?

So yes. I will “tone police”. I will tell those who rant and scream how ridiculous they sound.

I will tell to keep a civil tongue in your head. If you can’t then what gives you the moral authority to tell me what I should and shouldn’t listen to.

But I fear I’m missing something here. Perhaps there is a good reason why your tone doesn’t matter. Perhaps I misunderstand what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe all you want to do is shout at me. That’s cool. I keep this blog anonymous for a reason. Comment box is down there.


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